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Thread: Toy Fair 2019 - Feb 16-19th

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    I'm expecting to see ST characters in vintage 5POA style with a sprinkling of some of the missing OT faces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    Hasbro knows their consumer if the retro figures are OT. I’ll buy them all. Vintage style Tarkin, Sandtrooper, Cantina Aliens, Biggs, Rebel Fleet Trooper. If the retro figures are ST or Disney or PT I’ll pass on all of them.

    Same here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthPete View Post
    The new 'retro kenner style' line has piqued my interest... it'd be swell (to my anyway) if they started doing never before done figures in the true vintage style.
    my guess is Funko looking monstrosities. Iím so tired of the gimmicks at this point. Just make a wide selection of effing 3.75 inch figures. Aliens, droids, mains, vehicles and play sets. Get back to your damned bread and butter Hasbro!

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    Well, with the new vintage retro line, it looks like 5 POA SW figures are here to stay.
    #1 want: Admiral Piett (3.75" TVC line)

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    It has replaced TVC. The Tarkin game pack-in figure is listed as “TVC” in the SKU list. Retro is the new TVC.
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    Retro=more discount store garbage. I hope these rot on the Target pegs. How does Target get these and get walmart ends up with TVC Lando and the Jabba playset? Should be reversed.

    retro will end up in the Star Wars ash heap of history alongside Star Wars Command and Centerpiece.

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    The Retro line will do fine.
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    Iím glad to see the new retro line. Hope it does well, and that they cover most, if not all, of the original releases. Vehicles and playsets included.

    Star Wars has been flooded with speculators and novices driving up the prices of vintage product to unreasonable numbers. The retro figures will, hopefully, satiate some of the tertiary collectors and reset the prices of some of these vintage figures to something a bit more reasonable and convince the speculators that they arenít going to be able to retire off Star Wars toys.

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