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Thread: Jabba's throne room - Refurbishment project

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    Cool Jabba's throne room - Refurbishment project

    Hello all,

    It's been over 10 years since I built my Jabba the Hutt throne room and I decided it was high time to do some refurbishing, updating, and repair work. This work includes flooring and walls as well as some of the furnishings of the palace. First up is the floor of the main chamber.

    My original floor. The grating was done by hand out of cardboard.

    I found this design for the floorgrate on created by FigureWorks that I sent to be 3D printed and it's amazing. Here is a link to his page:

    Floor has new trapdoor and release mechanism.

    I covered the floor in textured wall paper and then painted it. It gives it a sand/dirt floor look.

    I quick set up to see how it looks. Everything will eventually be painted lighter to match the floor. Everything is too dark and looks more like it's made of mud than Tatooine sand.

    Comparison of my old and new floor

    Later I will post pictures of my new rotisserie and grill.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Love the new floor. Sure wish that was scaled to the 6in line, lol. Love seeing Jabba dios, never get sick of seeing them. Looking forward to seeing more of your updates.
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    Looking good! Thingiverse is awesome.

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    Great stuff- I have yet to tackle the throne room, but if I do, I'm coming here!
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    Thanks everyone!

    Now for my new rotisserie and grill which was a labor of love, . . . and suffering. I'll get to why in a moment.

    I started by making stencils based on what I wanted to change from my original, in this case, making it taller in height but shorter in length. My original is made out of foamboard and cardboard whereas with my new one I used styrene, a form of plastic. This was the first time I'd used styrene and was unsure of how to cut it. However I found it pretty simple to use as you don't have to cut all the way through. You just have to score it with a hobby knife and then snap off the pieces.

    For the design on the ends I coiled up wire and glued it in place. The rivets are pinheads and the inside boarder is string glued into place. The whole thing is super-glued in place.

    The arms and spit are made of wire and scrap metal pipes purchased at the hobby store. I have a dremel which makes drilling holes both the metal pipes and styrene really easy. The ends of the spit are various sized buttons all glued together.

    Painted with most of the details finished. I am very pleased with how it turned out especially sense I really did suffer. To get this to stay together I used a lot, and I mean A LOT of superglue. Well I found out the hard way that I'm seriously allergic to superglue! I've used superglue before and never noticed any problems, but I never used it in copious amounts like I did on this project. Not to mention I have poor eyesight and had to hold it right up to my face to see what I was doing. Superglue is odorless to me and it never dawned on me that the fumes could affect me. What I first thought was simple seasonal allergies soon gave way to a nasty cold/flu-like condition as the fumes burned the linings of my nose and sinuses. Through a process of elimination and investigation I found out it's what is called a Cyanoacrylate allergy, or CA allergy for short. It's a pretty nasty condition I'd never wish on anyone. It took me over a week to get over it AFTER I stopped using the glue. Here's a link to an article by another hobbyist warning of the dangers of superglue if you are interested.

    Now I wear a respirator whenever I have to use superglue. For this piece I can definitely say that I suffered for my art! Anyway, here is the final product.

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    I have finished refurbishing the trophy gallery section of Jabba's throne room.

    The most extensive upgrade was to the curved steps in the back. From what I could make out from screenshots there is a small alcove beneath the steps. So I completely removed the old stairs and made new stairs that are taller with an alcove beneath them. I also added textured paper to it.

    Other small changes included adding texture to all stairs and doing a small alteration to the area where Han Solo hangs.

    Here it is mostly done. I will still added a few touches here and there. Now I am working on some of the furnishings that go in this area.

    A few comparison shots. My original was way too dark. Now it looks more like a structure found on Tatooine.

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    Just beautiful! Don't you love refurbishing as much as making a new, original? I sure do!
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    Thank you Daigo_Bah! Yes I am thoroughly enjoying it. Right now I'm working on making new furnishings such as tables.

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    Most of the furnishings are completed. There are still a few details I need to get to.

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    Looking good! Looking real good!
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