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Thread: Jabba's throne room - Refurbishment project

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    I finished the entryway earlier this summer but forgot to post pics until now because things got crazy busy. And there were a few other things that I decided to incorporate after finishing the entryway. The first was to start refurbishing my extra section which I made up apart from the movies (mostly to fill up extra space on the table and keep my cat from jumping up on it!) It is comprised of a large hallway with steps and an elevator. I'm still working on it as of this post but it leads me to the second thing I decided to incorporate which was to connect the back sections of the hallways. Up until now the area behind Jabba's throne was a dead end with just a closet on either side. So I decided to join the areas together. This leads me to the third and final project which was turning a bunch of wasted space into a storage area for all of Jabba's goodies.

    Some of the walls had bubbled so I replaced them so they would be smoother. I used sheets of styrene to replace them so that they wouldn't bubble up again when I painted it. The styrene is thin so I reinforced the back with pieces of foam board. I also added a few more steps to the top.

    I put down textured paper and then created details like cracks in the walls. The pipes are made from different size plastic straws that are painted. The wind chimes are made from necklace chains and beads. Other bits seen sticking out of the walls are cobbled together from my scrap pile.

    Finished entryway including gaming consoles and hookah pipes. Please note the gate area is not meant to be the big front gate in the movie. I just needed a way to close off this section.

    Next up I begin opening up some areas and connecting them. The first pic shows how the area was closed off. Then I start cutting out doorways. The 3rd and 4th pics are looking at the new door from behind Jabba's throne into my 'extra' edition.

    Finally while working on my entrance section I realized I had a large section of wasted space. I thought, "Why not make this area into some kind of storage room?" So I did!
    Note all the wasted space.

    building walls and the floor.

    Finished! Guard it well, Fozec!

    See where it is in relation to the entryway.

    Once I finish the last section I'll put it all together and you'll be able to see how it all fits together. Thanks for taking a look!

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    Outstanding work. Love the store room. All the pots and wares really add a sense of realism to your diorama. The entrance looks amazing and love the paint job.
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    Thanks bwize!

    Here are some pics of the entire back area that is now connected.

    . . . .and here are some pics just of my refurbished extra section.

    I have to connect the other end of Jabba's throne area (see below) and then I'll officially be done with my refurbishment project . . . . I think! Once that's done I'll post pics of the entire completed diorama.

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    Amazing work. How did you figure all backrooms out? I remember seeing an artist rendition one time but it wasn’t this detailed. Anyway nice work and looking far to the final photos.

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    Thanks DagobahDweller! I did see an artist's interpretation in the book "Inside the Worlds of Star Wars trilogy." But I didn't really follow it. This is entirely my own design based on how I think it might have looked.

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    It is Finished!!! Well, a least 99.99% finished. There are still a few tweaks that I want to make here and there but for all intensive purposes it is complete. The last few details I've added include opening up the other end behind Jabba's throne and connecting it to the adjoining section and creating a new ventilation shaft that hangs over Sy Snootles. I also used this opportunity to display many of my custom figures. The pictures I'm sharing below are based on the droid's arrival in Jabba's throne room. I tried to match the figures and props to reference photos as best I could but I still got some things wrong. So after spending over an hour setting everything up and dealing with the dreaded domino effect multiple times (I'm sure every collector and diorama builder knows what I'm talking about! ) I took pictures and decided it was good enough. So yes I know R2 and 3PO are on the wrong sides, Amanaman is missing his skeleton corpse, etc etc. But, hey, you get the gist. Now my plans are to work on some more custom figures, including some based on concept maquettes that never made it into the movie.

    Wide shots of the whole diorama. It was hard to fit it into each of the pictures because my ceilings are so low.

    Jabba's bowl and pipe are a few of the things I will eventually tweak. I want to incorporate vintage
    pieces as I think they will actually look better.

    Panning to the left of Jabba. Here you can see the new ventilation pipe hanging down.

    Panning to the right of Jabba: Gaming consoles and entryway.

    Top of the steps up from the entryway (my interpretation). Not meant to be the main entrance.

    Lounge area.

    Trophy Room area behind bandstand.

    Area behind Jabba's throne and new adjoining hallway. The doorway in front of the
    bald figure in black leads to the door behind Amanaman.

    Wide shots of the main floor.

    I didn't include more pics of my extra section and the adjoining hallways as I already posted pics of those parts and hadn't changed anything with this set up. So posts above for pics of those areas.
    Thanks to everyone for there support, advice, and encouragement! I'll post more photos from time to time whenever I change the setup or make adjustments.
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    This is just fantastic! Love your attention to detail and all the custom rooms. I will continue to look at this for inspiration for my own project.
    "Ya koon tacha poonoo nee sah, gee." [Your mind powers will not work on me, boy] - Jabba the Hutt

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    This is really good stuff, and it inspires me to update my Jabba's Palace, which is now at least 17 years old. My only hesitation is that I didn't build it, so part of me wants to keep it the way it is because it reflects the builder's work. I would definitely want to repair the floor and perhaps build the grate, which wasn't done originally (there's a trap door, but no grate).
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    Back door huh? Good idea.

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    This is just beautiful. I am extremely impressed by your attention to detail! I love this diorama!

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