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Thread: Jabba's throne room - Refurbishment project

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    Those wall sconces are beautiful!
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    I'm now working on the section behind Jabba's throne. This one needs a lot of work since it was the first section I built many years ago and it wasn't until after I built this part that I started cutting notches and tabs into the structures to help them hold together. As such this part is(was) held together with a lot of tape and masking tape does NOT age well. I considered just rebuilding this part from scratch but I'm too sentimental and decided to try breathing new life into the old section. Plus I really didn't want to all that extra work. I think it's coming a long rather well.

    Cutting out and gluing down pattern on steps and floor.

    Cracks and joints are filled in with plaster.

    Aging and fading the archway glyphs. This took a looooooong time to do. A lot of painting, sanding, repainting, more sanding, and chalk brushing details. Whew!

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    Jabba's throne and archway is complete. I just have one section left.

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    Great job!!!!
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    I love this Bar!

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    There's so much great detail, the bar-b-que is effing amazing. And pumpkins? Holy moley. I am really blown away with the details.
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    Unreal! Seconded on that barbecue; this is just beautiful
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    Finally working on the last section of Jabba's throne room. To start I am remaking the hologame consoles that are mounted on the wall near the main entrance.

    First I remove the originals. I used them for size reference.

    Test fitting the first console. It is cut from a thin sheet of styrene. The details weren't too hard to cut out, just time consuming. The translucent parts are cut from an old plastic lid.

    The levers are made of Lego parts and glued into place. They can be moved up and down.

    The front lip is molded out of clay. Buttons are added around the levers and sides. The I test the lighting effect. The orange details are cut from tissue paper and glued on the inside.

    Added a base coat of brass and then darkened it with watered down brown.

    Created back with opening for lights to stick through and test fitted it on the wall.

    The last detail will be to paint lights on the front screen and then on to finish the second one.
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    This is looking amazing! I am going to use your BBQ spit buildup as inspiration for mine when I tackle that. I also love your glyph patterns around the arches. Your scratch-building skills are impressive.
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    Your Jabba's Throne room is awesome.
    A superb work in the proportions, the quality of detail, light.
    Your refurbishment brings a lot to your old version.

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    Thanks Jess! So glad you are back! I incorporated a lot of your ideas into my work. (It took me about a month to track down that superfresco print, lol!) Thanks for the inspiration and I'm glad to see the continuation of your diorama. I hope to make the Rancor pit below my display too someday. Right now I'm focusing on finishing my refurbishment.

    It's been a busy summer and I haven't had time to work this for over a month. This past week I finally got back to it and I'm nearly done. And I have pics of my progress from early summer that I forgot to share that I'll post below.

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