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Thread: FT: Tig Fromm coin (update)

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    FT: Tig Fromm coin (update)

    FT: Tig Fromm coin (exact coin below)

    Coin isn't mint, but its in good condition, I've tried to angle the camera so that the imperfections are visible. The imperfections on the front aren't as visible to the naked eye. The line on the back is more visible in comparison. I've only found a couple samples on ebay, and they appear to be going for around $60.

    I am interested in a loose Kenner Imperial Dignitary figure. I don't need the coin, and the figure doesn't have to be mint. I've seen recently sold samples on ebay ranging from $50-70 in good condition. I figured I'd offer it here, as I have no desire to sell on ebay, nor purchase from it, when it comes to vintage. PM me if you're interested in trading.

    PS: forgot to mention, I also have the Tig Fromm cardback - not in good shape, but I will include it if you want it.
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