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Thread: Kit bashed fett

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterRizz View Post
    Chances are that some prototypes were brought home by employees. There are probably tons that no one thinks are worth anything. Of course, many undoubtedly were trashed, but I like to think that there are still many out there.
    All of the prototypes in private collections originated from Kenner employees. There may have been some that were fished out of dumpsters at the Kenner HQs in Cincy (I know that was done by some in the early and mid 90s). One can only hope that some of those former employees have forgotten boxes stashed away that one day will see the light of day. It's possible.

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    So this is real, but never came to be, and to this day, completely unknown to exist in any private collection.

    Wow, that would probably fund the entire star wars line if it ever became public.

    I do see a few on ebay but I know they are customs. They sell for around 80 dollars.
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    It would be awesome if it was found to have survived all this time. I think someone was offering 10k a couple of years ago for information that led to its discovery.

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    Some guy is now offering $200,000 to buy it and $20,000 for to information leading to it's discovery.

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    In all honesty it would be a pretty priceless piece if it is ever discovered.
    To my knowledge the only images of this piece are from Kenner photography. There is nothing more that has surfaced to indicate that the piece has survived.
    I personally believe it does still exist however. It has either been forgotten about, or tucked away in some persons collection.
    Maybe one day we'll find out.
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    I don't think it will ever be found, but I really hope to be proven wrong one day. There were far too many prototypes and kitbashed figures, vehicles, and playsets that never saw the light of day and never will because they are in a dump somewhere in the Cincinnati area. Every now and then something special will pop up, but with the mass popularity that the hobby and Star Wars name has gained (especially in the last 20-25 years) it would be virtually impossible for it to go unnoticed this long. If it did somehow make it out of Kenner's HQs then chances are at some point between now and then it was lost.

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    I like to think Kit Bashed Boba Fett is out hunting Sasquatch right now!!!!! Riding on a unicorn and smacking it with his blaster rifle!

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    I can't find it, but I did once read the list and parts used from each figure to make him. I know one was 3po torso with I believe death squad commander legs. My concern was the head. Where did it come from, and IF it was made , there should be a mold or other casings somewhere. I also believe if the head castings were made, then they should have popped up by now .

    I know repros are taboo however I have been toying with the notion of buying one of these customs. After all, the bootlegs are just that. Reproductions from other countries that are now considered vintage and highly collectable. Maybe one day, these will be sought after as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toyman941 View Post
    I can't find it, but I did once read the list and parts used from each figure to make him. I know one was 3po torso with I believe death squad commander legs.
    Sounds like this article: Rocket Firing Boba Fett Original Concept (kit-bashed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by eightball View Post
    yes, that's the one. Looks like I was correct with 3po and death squad commander. Thanks
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