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Thread: does a bad deal ever make you want to give up on your colllection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WampasGottaEat2 View Post
    I've been in some weird Craigslist meet ups, but none that have made me fear for my safety....too much. If there's a lot a cash involved I always make the meeting place public. I don't comprise on that. My last one actually, I went to an gentle's apartment (he was maybe 60ish) and his demeanor was a bit odd so I was unsure about going into his apartment. I'm a pretty big guy (I workout, can you point me to the gym?hahaha), so I wasn't to worried about the situation turning south. Went inside and it turned out that the large bin of figures and vehicles were his son's who didn't care about them. He turned out to be a very nice guy and just had an oddish demeanor. The strangest Craigslist encounter came from someone who I met in a very public setting. He pulled up next to me, gave me a nod, and got out. He pulled his box of toys from the car handed them to me, I handed him the money, he counted it, and that was it. Not a single word spoken. It was weird, but kind of funny at the same time. I got back in my car and my wife said, "that whole transaction looked sketchy." I just laughed and said "yes it was". I don't even remember what I got from him. That is one thing I like about picking stuff up on Facebook's Marketplace. I get to look at the person's profile which gives me a general idea of what I'm getting into. If I click a profile and the person has needles hanging out of their arms and Swastika tatoos then that's a no go for me dog.
    lol that does sound like a weird meet up.
    by the way i checked out the link so if logras stuff sinks good its legit, but what about leias endor helmet? float or sink?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowtrooper1138 View Post
    I haven't had any issues that have caused me to put my passion and fun for collecting in danger of quitting; but I have had situations that have caused me to put my trust and faith in sellers in question. Here's an example, pardon it for not being Star Wars related. A few years ago, when I was collecting LJN's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons line; I was on the hunt for a nice, clean example of my favorite figure in that line, an evil knight named Grimsword. A seller had one listed at a competitive price. Not cheap, but not gouged, either. All three accessories were included, and the paint looked awesome. Seller went so far as to describe it with terms like MINT and FRESH OFF THE CARD. And I fell for it. Bought the figure and was immediately disappointed. One leg was so loose it couldn't stand on its own without using the shield to prop against it. A great deal of paint loss was going on on the back of the helmet decoration. I was angry. I felt insulted and cheated. The figure was not mint as described, not by any stretch of the imagination. I messaged the seller with my complaints. No reply. I continued to message; wanting to send the figure back and receive a refund. No reply. I was forced to open a case. The less than stellar seller waits for the last possible moment to issue a refund; dragging it out for days when it could/should have ended civilly. That experience, while leaving a sour taste in my mouth; did make me a better potential buyer, at least. Now if I am not totally satisfied with pictures and descriptions I ask for additional photos and/or information. If the seller does not reply after two or three days; I move on. Don't ever lose faith in something you love and are passionate about because someone burned you. Just try to be a little more cautious and wiser instead; at least that's what I took from my own situation.

    That's a perfect example of learning and I'm stoked you got reimbursed. I truly believe if you message a seller and that take an odd amount of time to respond, typically more than half a day or so, then it's a red flag that they are either avoiding the conversation or just don't care enough about whatever the product is their selling. I almost think that not caring enough to respond promptly is one of the worst characteristics a seller can have and one that typically ends the seller getting negative feedback and ultimately disappearing. I and many others have seen the Houdini act one too many times. I sell quite a bit on ebay and I make it a point to respond to all messages promptly because I believe there can be a lack of integrity in the hobby. I like to show others I deal with the same respect that I would like to have if it were me in their shoes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadesfire133336b View Post
    lol that does sound like a weird meet up.
    by the way i checked out the link so if logras stuff sinks good its legit, but what about leias endor helmet? float or sink?
    I'm not sure if it floats or sinks. I'd have to check mine. Usually the big indicator on those is an EPM mark or number on the inside. If it's smooth with no number or EPM mark (circle) then it could possibly be a repro. What does yours have on the inside?

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    all the helmets i have checked(including endor leia) match all the markings shown on the tig site though my belt has a number 4 which isnt documented yet. other wise im satisfied its probably real as it was advertised to be.
    lando's not a man he's a power blaster

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