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Thread: Fan made film.. Darth Maul Apprentice...

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    Fan made film.. Darth Maul Apprentice...

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    Always appreciate people that put in the effort to produce a presentation that’s clearly coming from a place of passion. But time and time again with these fan films, it’s nothing more than unnecessary, prolonged and reductive videogame-cutscene “missions” that add absolutely nothing to any narrative, let along one that progresses the story of the main trilogies. It’s literally the same action sets with Maul jumping out of nowhere into frame to attack the heroes LOL

    The amateur actors are impressive athletes for sure. Just that seeing them run around in their local backyard woods, in poorly-constructed costumes and not-so-sharp choreography for nearly 20 minutes is so tired. Even SW at its weakest, most redundant as this Sequel and Solo are— the action sets are still way way way superior than these fan films.

    And these fan films need to stop it already with the low-angle shots. Doesn’t make your project any more intense...

    Thanks for the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    The actors could be better but overall a pretty decent attempt .
    I didn't know Bane was a Jedi.
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    Why do these things always take place in the woods behind the camera guy's house?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    It poked like a MK scorpion or Sub Zero mask to me
    That's what I think it is too. Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. I'm with you though, acting could be better, but over-all pretty darn good. The fighting choreography is extremely impressive for a fan film.
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