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Thread: 3rd party Combiner advice

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    3rd party Combiner advice

    I collected the Combiner Wars Bruticus and Menasor, but couldn't bring myself to buy their Blast Off and Dragstrip since they looked so unlike their G1 cartoon versions (Blast Off as a jet in vehicle mode, and Dragstrip as that thin thing with a weird head in robot).

    Did a third party ever step up and make better versions of these two that are compatible with the Hasbro Combiner Wars version? My Decepticon giants are both short an arm.


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    Hasbro/Takara already released an improved Blast-Off that's his own dedicated mold, transforms into a shuttle, and is much more accurate to the G1 character design. Takara's version of the figure had a more cartoon-accurate deco and was only available in their Unite Warriors Bruticus boxset (similar to the rest of the Unite Warriors line), while Hasbro released their version with a more toy-accurate deco by itself as part of a set of 3 single-packed deluxe figures in special packaging, each one representing one part of the "Prime Wars" trilogy of Generations lines (with Blast-Off of course representing Combiner Wars, along with Repugnus representing Titans Return, and Punch/Counterpunch representing Power of the Primes).

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    Thanks! I don't pay a lot of attention to these lines and totally missed that official Blast Off. Will have to be on the look out for one now.

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