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Thread: WTB: Concept Figures, Loose Starfighter, SDCC Disturbance in the Force, Turbo Tank

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    WTB: Concept Figures, Loose Starfighter, SDCC Disturbance in the Force, Turbo Tank


    —YODA’S JEDI ATTACK STARFIGHTER, loose is fine, as long as complete. (Just FYI, this is not a joke: This was actually made in 2013 in the “Deluxe Line” size packaging, w/Yoda & SBD pack-in). Prefer the Yoda pack-in figure be included but is not a deal-breaker.

    When I was looking to downsize my collection just a cpl years back years back, I sold off my Turbo Tank (box was open but was included and 1000% complete) for what I felt was reasonable $125. Now I see so-called-collectors on eBay “looking to downsize their collection” , yet the lowest price for one for is $260 +shipping AND INCOMPLETE, MIND YOU. Want one in a box? You’re lucky if you can find one under $300-$350 PLUS SHIPPING. “Collectors looking to downsize”? Yeah, sure.
    Anyhow, if there is anyone out there is looking to unload a complete Tank (box’s inclusion nor box’s condition doesn’t matter), looking for a fair collector-to-collector price, please feel free to PM me.

    LESSER WANTED FIGURES: (loose & 100%complete)
    —TAC 08 12 Darth Vader (Battle Damaged from Force Unleashed)
    —TAC Concept Art General Grievous
    —TLC BD48 Episode III Concept Art Anakin Skywalker
    —TVC 60 Clone Trooper (501st)
    —TLC 01 Sandstorm Han **Would even be willing to buy just the head**

    —TLC SDCC Exclusive “Disturbance In the Force” set (loose is fine as long as electronics work, Vader figure not necessary)

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    I have 2 Praetorian Guards in my FS thread. They are new still in the plastic trays (smoke free etc). Peep it out and LMK if you want them, thanks.
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    Thanks for the hook up. Praetorians are all set!

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