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Thread: What's your collecting system?

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    What's your collecting system?

    So, what's your collecting system? Do you have a collecting system? What do I even mean by collecting system? What I mean is, is there a system to how you collect your figures? An order to it? For example, do/did you go after First 12 first? Last 17 first? By character? Maybe you went after all the Han figures first. By faction? Perhaps you sought out Rebels and good guys at first. Or was it not really a system at all, and just whatever opportunity brought?
    For me, I started first with the Imperial faction. I've always been partial to villains. One day, looking over my figures, it occurred to me that I had a fine Imperial lineup (only missing the Dignitary) but little else. So I then began to focus on Scum and Villainy; and focused on the Sinister Six, Cantina Aliens, and Jabba's goons. And then I noticed my good guys were sorely lacking, so I've focused on them a while.
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    For me I poured about 75% of my energy into completing the first 79 figures so that I could leave about 25% of my funds for side quests like minis, vehicles, paper goods, etc. Now that I've checked those off the list I've been onto the last 17 (loose). When I started with the last 17 I was starting from the bottom with the cheap ones, but after a couple figures changed my strategy and started going from the top down. Checked off pop up R2 at the end of last year and now it's a toss up between Yak and Stormy luke. I'm probably going Luke honestly. Even with the last 17 adventure underway, I still leave about 25% of my spending funds for other side quests. It's slower, but I'm hoping that by knocking off the big ones at first they will hopefully get easier to pick up as I go.

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    I started with the first 12 and the vehicles I had as a kid, and then began to buy up lots. I started piecing them out, swapping figures for better ones and selling my duplicates. I had the original release figs for some time before deciding to go all in, so it's been a long time now . My collection built rather quickly and pretty inexpensive doing it this way. By buying up lots I was not only able to fund my collection of figures , but I also was able to fund other items like the large size kenner , ships and playsets without tapping into family money.

    But then I made the mistake of blowing my paypal funds on a couple of pieces instead of sticking to buying lots and using patients.
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    My system is finding what I can. I have focused more on the big items like the Rancor, Wampa and vehicles. I have stumbled up on the Ewok village and the Max Rebo band as well as loose vintage figures of late. Now, with my financial situation in a downward spiral, I have to put everything on hold.

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    I started with completing my loose collection. Once I did I started to go after variants. With my carded collection it didnít really matter until about 2 years ago and I started focusing on completing all of the carded POTF

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    I started by just wanting a loose complete set, then I would be “done”....Then I thought “wouldn’t it be cool,to have some still on the card”? So then came a full carded run. Next I acquired some of the more rare figures blue snag, dt Luke, vinyl Jawa etc. and I wanted them graded. So then wouldn’t it be nice to have all the figures graded Afa 85? So I did that. Currently I have two feet down the rabbit hole of acquiring all mib vehicles. And then I will be “done”......for now....except for those partially completed piles of Afa coins and those nice revenge proofs on my shelf....yep...almost “done”...

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    my system is similar to the above i just want a complete set of loose figures. so i get on ebay and i look for figures i dont have.
    and thast why i said some start slipping my mind becuase as i get more and more
    (by the way my head count of unique figures is up to 61 not counting extra bespin guards leias etc 62 if you count jabba.) figures i start hving to sy whoes left? then im like....oh yeah still need rancor keeper and b wing pilot
    who else? and keep going always looking for the best deals i can get. now theres no way i can get a full card set
    but i DO want an esb darth vader moc because if im going to get carded might as well be my favorite movie. though i might get one from each movie (different characters) on card but thats as far as id go.
    so basicly my system is get on ebay see what i dont have is available and then buy whatever i can afford each month. ive actualy made my self a little prediction/wager. i made the prediction the other day irl talking about collecting with family saying id probably be down to the last 16 ( 17 minus anakin) by august. so im going to remember that and see what i have by then.
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    My system might sound stupid to some. Because in all honesty it depends on what I am trying to collect. And regardless of that, it never gets far because my anxiety often gets in the way. But often when it is not my anxiety that ends things, it is be due to my means of simply burning out. Which I often call my "Akira Toriyama complex". (I call it that because of his translated interview in an old issue of Animerica.) But before either happens it is like I said: It depends on what I am trying to collect.

    When it comes to Star Wars, for example, the only setback is that none of the vintage figures have a viable numerical system. So what I would do is categorize each character by the line they debuted in, what type of role they had, and if they would be better off in an individual collection or be part of said collective line. If the latter outweighs the former, then I will aim for that. But if the former outweighs the latter, then I will determine which role generates the most interest to me. And whatever wins would be my main focus for the duration of my general interest. Both ways end up having me using any numerical system (BINs, etc.) to figure out the correct way to catalog what I do collect. And in rare cases Wikipedia tends to be the best help on that kind of thing.

    Plus I also have a habit of being ambitious. It's a silly ordeal and I am always working on it. Which is why I am doing the whole "focus" thing and only focusing on Mandalorians (series: Rebels to The Mandalorian).
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    Started collecting in '93, when I graduated college.. FOr years it was completing my set of original vintage loose figs.. finished a few years ago with the purchase of an all original pop up saber R2. Then it was looking for lower end cheaper carded vintage.. never looking to complete, but trying to grab as many as I can. Also along the way just grabbing anything that I liked, never really having much of a "focus" if you will.. it was anything anywhere I either liked or could get for a really low price (or a combination of the 2).

    Today I pretty much collect the weekly 1st ed 1st print comics (I have pretty much every one made since '76.. stopped the variant craze when Marvel took the license over. Still enjoy the comics.

    Also, I grab a lot of food items/packaging when I come across. I usually snack anyhow, so might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone.. amazing how many items I've collected over the last 20 years or so. Kinda consider it a "free" category (chip bags, cereal boxes, etc.) So much fun.

    Again, odd there's no real organization or system to it, however I do try and keep everything listed in an excel format, although 7,000+ items over a few decades.. I'm sure there's a lot that isn't complete and needs updating.
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    My 'collecting system' = I buy what I enjoy.

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