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Thread: What's your collecting system?

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    oh i know but the comic version was so stupid i had to share the eu is still canon for me
    dj sounds like what i do. i just get on ebay and hunt toys and see what comes up. like just now i scored big found a mint jedi luke with palace blaster and snap cloak for 40$ alittle more than i usually pay but it saves money this way.
    The EU is canon for me! Most of the Disney Wars stuff is crap.

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    When I started up again in 2006, (I still had almost my 1970-80's loose collection as a kid) I began with just an intent to get the original 12 on cards, then just kept going to the original 21, 32 and switched to Fett focus and figs I really liked...and finally got the completist bug where I'm close to now. It's been a long expensive but satisfying and fun journey.
    I hope HASBRO finishes the original 92+ on the Vintage Collection Cards!

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