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Thread: The Vintage Secrets You Never New About

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    Quote Originally Posted by VideoViper View Post
    I kind of remember Slave 1 had a place to put carbinite Han? I have the Slave 1 but not the Carb Han. I'll try to check tonight. I think it was in the top section near the guns?

    article on Kenner toys
    I'm sure it's been posted on RS but there is good documentary on Netflix about the history of SW and Kenner. For those that haven't watched it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronthebanker View Post
    I dont think so...if there is an open space you would have o put it in through the side door- will have to look tonight. I always had mine just banging around under the loading ramp
    just opened mine up and that's a big no. under the loading ramp or flopping around below the cockpit area are the only open areas. The vintage collection Slave 1 (amazon exclusive?) had extra storage in the snout area and actually had like a specific compartment behind the cockpit for the actual carbonite slab

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    This is more of a subtlety than a secret, but still one I just noticed. On the Rebel Command Center playset, Han and Leia can be seen running to the Falcon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WampasGottaEat2 View Post
    So with Kenner attempting to go beyond the actual vehicles/accessories used in the movies the VME would then seem to have a claim to fame indeed. Going on that info then, the VME, Radar Laser Cannon, and Tripod Cannon are the only accessories in rectangular boxes without a cardboard flange AND are now all three confirmed to be in the films. Which means the true mini-rig boxes with the cardboard flanges are the only true ones the were pure Kenner visions and never seen in films. That's interesting. Not counting the Wampa of course

    The three accessories are marked as accessories in the box, they are not part of the made-up mini-rig series which are marked as mini-rigs.
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    "They're sh*t." - Phil Tippett on Star Wars Blu-rays

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    I noticed there is a peg on each of the AT-AT's legs. You can pose a figure doing the batman walk up the side of the leg, could use the grappling line. There's also a very large peg on the inside near side door, not sure what that was intended for.

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    R2-D2 turned upside down made for a good toilet for figures.....or so My cousins thought and used to leave my figs that way as a kid

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