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Thread: was leia's voice adr in one scene of rotj?

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    was leia's voice adr in one scene of rotj?

    i honestly dont know what to call this thread but i have been wondering for years what is up in the one part.
    ok so luke and han are dragged from the dungeons and we get the following dialogue.
    han: "how are we doing?"
    luke: "the same as always.
    han: that bad huh? wheres leia?"
    at which point leia says "im here!" in a really weird high pitched voice that sounds nothing like carrie fisher.
    whats up with that? was there something wrong with her voice that day?
    dos she have an amazing vocal range?
    did some one else record it in post because carrie was elsewhere?
    this has driven me crazy for years lets dig into this mystery. if anything else it will become weird fun like the endor dress thread.
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    Is there a particular version of the film you're specifically hearing this in? I grew up with a VHS copy recorded off television in the late 80s and then bought the THX mastered trilogy on VHS in 1995 and that line has always sounded like Carrie Fisher to me, perhaps a little exasperated.
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    no every version i have ever seen of rotj from vhs to dvd has sounded this way. i mean i guess it could be as you say, but why is her voice so much deeper in the rest of the film and this one part shes almost on helium? actually almost all versions of jedi her voice has seemed DEEPER (older no doubt) than in the previous two films to the point that it seemed noticable to me. but maybe its the sound design because in the ot re release of rotj i have on dvd it sounds closer to how she always sounded though a tiny bit deeper yet that same scene is the same. i dont know maybe its just me.

    and while it has nothing to do with this scene or movie a clear example of adr dialogue is in empire strikes back.
    when leia runs across the room and says "send all groups to protect the fighters!" shes clearly not saying it. you dont see her speak the line and shes not saying anything right as the line ends and the camera shows her face as she leans over the chair to look at the monitor.
    it took all these years for me to just notice it last time i watched empire.
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    There's ADR on movies all the time and that line looks ADR'd, because Fisher's mouth doesn't appear to be saying those words in that scene. It's a standard process in filmmaking and back then it was extremely hard and took a lot of work to get post production dubs sounding right. It still sounds like Carrie Fisher though. I think she's trying to sound stressed and therefore her pitch is more strained, as it were, or else the studio upped the pitch slightly. But, it doesn't sound out of her vocal range to me.

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    ok makes sense to me.
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