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Thread: Ghostbusters!!!!! original part 3

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    Ghostbusters!!!!! original part 3

    News about Ghostbusters 3.

    Jason Reitman to Direct New ‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel for 2020 Release


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    Couldn't be worse than Feig's. I'd like to hear more, though before I let myself get excited about it.
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    This trailer would have been so much better if the last one never existed.
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    Well that right there, made my night.

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    my only gripe with the teaser and so far the pics that Reitman has posted on his twitter feed is that the Ecto itself. The car in the photos suggests that this is a direct sequel to 1984 Ghostbusters and possibly erasing Ghostbusters 2 (since GB2 the Ecto-1A underwent some new detailing and added equipment as well as the GB2 logo). some fans have claimed that this may also follow the video game (which is based in 1991 as the Ecto-1B looks like a mix of 1 & 1A)

    as a fan (and owner of a Ecto-1) I just want clarification as to which movie this new film is going to follow.

    but I'm pumped to see what happens in 2020.... I'm also wondering if this will actually be a live action Extreme Ghostbusters as it's 4 teenagers according to rumors (2 boys / 2 girls)
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    Just saw this in my YouTube feed, swore it had to be a 'fan trailer'.....then I clicked on it and nearly flew through the ceiling! Wheeeeeee! Can't wait!

    For the record, and speaking as an OG GB fan (saw it in the theater several times, original run), I didn't hate the Feig version, nor even dislike it. It's just not a GB film. More akin to a GB animated show mixed with something like MIB.

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    It'll suck. Fo sho.
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    I'm sure it'll follow on after the 2nd one, erasing the girls Ghostbusters film obviously. I'm petty sure the teaser was just cobbled together quickly, they haven't even started filming the movie yet.

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    The biggest problem with announcing this so early with NO story description is that people will put together the movie they WANT in their heads. I've already done it myself. What we actually get will most likely be disappointing in comparison. Still interested to see where they go with it.
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    Think exactly like the original Ghostbusters, except that now it's 20-somethings, and they have to find Peter Venkman, who's disappeared after another failed Psychic TV show. He only shows up in the last scene.
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