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Thread: wavy cardbacks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanslanda View Post
    You mean the images he sent me? Yes the label matches up with the label of the one I received. If you see his response he is not refuting that he sent me a piece with a wavy cardback without disclosing it. Hes saying he did and that it doesnt matter because he accurately described the grade and thats all that matters. He's also mentioning he bought it that way, but why does that matter to me? Like i said before I spoke to Tom yesterday and he said he doesnt know if he sold it like that but if he did and Erik had a problem he could have returned it no problem. Erik probably bought it on the cheap and then figured he could screw someone over and now hes trying. I have no problem with dealers making profit. I have a problem with being sold items that are inaccurately described and then making the buyer feel like he did something wrong. And to compound all of that, not accepting it as a return. He claims he could sell the item to two other people right now for the same price, so if thats true why wont he take the return?
    He does say "I will be more than happy to offer a refund". Is that correct?

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    Youre reading it out of context. He says hell issue the refund if he losed the claim. He has to issue a refund in that case. At first he said he would take the item back and I said I wanted to do it through paypal since he was being shady. Then he did a 180 and said he would dispute it If i did that.

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    Lost* the claim...this whole thing is ridiculous. I hope no one does business with this low life.

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    Relist it on ebay or offer up here in the sales thread. I'm sure you can get the money you paid.
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    That was a spelling correction to an earlier post. I didn’t lose yet. Also I’m confident with the evidence I have I’ll win the claim. His argument is that he knew it was messed up but it shouldn’t matter since it’s an afa 85 like he stated. Kinda weak. “It’s an afa 85 when it was graded. It was run over by a car but it still has the afa 85 label!”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanslanda View Post
    Lost* the claim...this whole thing is ridiculous. I hope no one does business with this low life.
    I think he was offering you a refund no matter what tho right? The other thing is it doesnt look good to go around threatening people either.

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    Offering a refund all around? He’s disputing my claim. How is that offering a return with a refund? And yes if you scam me I’m coming for you hard. You can bet on that.

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    He said heíd only do the return if it wasnít through PayPal. Iíve said the same things multiple times on this thread. Thatís super shady to say that. Any reputable seller would respond to the claim and say he would just refund upon return recognizing he didnít disclose that huge defect.

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    If I don’t win the claim I’m stuck with the POS Luke.

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    Hello! I see you're relatively new here. One of the problem with us old timers not being around much is the oral history of bad sellers is lost. Erik Sprague (BobaFett34) is banned from Rebelscum for flipping items he bought here from fellow collectors for cheap and then jacking the price up a lot and selling to unsuspecting people on ebay and has many threads about him:

    Regarding wavy cardbacks. I have several cards like this that are graded 85s they do affect the grade. I have one that I'm sure if the card was straight would have gotten a 90. It should have been disclosed though although I'm sure a lot of sellers (especially Erik) would have said the AFA 85 speaks for itself and who cares what minor flaws it has. (I'll repost most of this in your watch out thread too)

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