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Thread: GOLDCYLON SCI-FI additions

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    GOLDCYLON SCI-FI additions

    Picked up a few more treasures for my Sci-FI Den and invested in some nice IKEA Detolf cabinets over the holidays

    Code 3 Diecast JEG signed Tie Fighter and MH signed X-wing

    Mara Jade SE SM #156 Master Replicas Saber

    Thermal Detonator SE CF #732 Master Replicas

    Boba Fett SE JB #568 Master Replicas

    Cylon Finger from the reimagined series

    Its coming together now !!

    Finally got my Franklin Mint Enterprise Captains Light working !!!

    Added Sideshow Gypsy Danger and Striker Eureka to the collection !!!

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    Beautiful collection!
    "He's no good to me dead."-Boba Fett

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    Thanks. It’s come together pretty well. GC
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