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Thread: Walmart G1 Transformers Re-issues

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    Walmart G1 Transformers Re-issues

    What's up everybody? I've been collecting some figures from this line which has been really awesome. So far we have had Devastator, Hot Rod, Starscream, Bumblebee and etc. . Some upcoming figures include Soundwave and Optimus Prime. All packed in the amazing G1 style box.

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    Prime is out. I saw 6 at WM this morning, but since it's $50 for just the cab, it was an easy pass. I still have my original and the TRU reissue from several years ago, so I don't need yet another. I do want that Soundwave when it comes out, though.
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    I was able to find Hot Rod, Devastator, and Starscream without any trouble at all. Other than the initial delay of when they were expected to arrive. The mini-bots were quite a bit harder to find. I found Bumblebee, Swerve, and Tailgate about a month ago. I just now found Outback about a week ago. I was able to find all 4 bots between 4 different Walmarts. I'm definitely looking forward to Soundwave. I never had a G1 Soundwave so here's my chance!

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    Id love to see G1 re release whatever of Soundwave at the Walmart store. I would grab it and buy it. all I ever see whenever I go to the Walmart store once every 2 months they have Hot Rod aka Rodimus Prime along with one or two Starscreams

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    I'm really liking that Mirage, and I never had him as a kid. SOoooo tempting, but I cannot be drawn into another line...
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    For a G1 Classic re release at Walmart stores, Optimus Prime really is a bit spendy while Starscream and Rodimus are cheaper at like 20 bucks or whatever.

    Cripes almighty

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    Still eagerly awaiting Soundwave. When is he due?

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