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Thread: how did the wampa freeze lukes feet to the celing in the cave?

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    how did the wampa freeze lukes feet to the celing in the cave?

    this is probably up there with "how do xenomorphs cocoon victims" in terms of movie mysteries,
    but how DID luke get up there?
    the wampas in the video game have ice breath, but otherwise i have no REASONABLE ideas how it happened.
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    Ice breath was the reason I used as a kid.

    AS an adult I could make the argument that the wampa would have needed to lift Luke pack the ice around his feet. This shows a sign that the Wampa was intelligent & what Luke did was straight up attempted murder!

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    thats a good one V.V luke warm.
    i could also propose an alternate method involving...uh "bodily fluids" but id rather not picture that. ice breath sounds cooler than frozen wampa p***
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    Thanks for this thread! Plumbing the real mysteries!
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    stalactites form when water drips from the ceiling and leaves mineral deposits; icicles form when water drips from the ceiling and freezes; etc..

    in order for Luke to find himself embedded in a stalactite/icicle, hanging from the ceiling like this, then the water which froze around his feet must have trickled down from the ceiling and frozen around his ankles.

    this was most likely a natural water-feature in the Wampa's cave: there must have been slow trickle of water which drips down from the fissures in the ceiling of his cave.

    the Wampa would have wedged Luke's boots into an overhead fissure to suspend him upside down, and the water from the ceiling would have naturally trickled down and frozen around Lukes ankles like an icicle/stalactite.

    depending on the flow of water, and the abmient temperature in the wampa's cave, this could take a matter of hours.
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    makes sense just seems like the wampa would be holding him there while unless it really drips and freezes fast
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    magic reason - Freeze Breath

    Scientific reason perhaps he has a source of water drinks a bunch of it. Puts Luke up there and spits the water. The tempature would freeze the water almost instantly

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    also reasonable but ice breath sounds COOLer
    ive always thought that the ice cave was a mysterious place but do to having to gtfo luke never got to explore it.
    someone once said he could have stayed in the cave for shelter instead of running out into the ice field ,but there were probably more of those things in there anyway.
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