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Thread: what weapons are these?

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    what weapons are these?

    an ebay seller sent me wrong accessories with a figure lot and im going though trying to identify them but as you might expect its taking forever due to how many joe figures
    there were over the years.
    here are my findings so far:
    grey pistol: best match i can find is hawk or sonic fighters law but it dosent have the protruding barrel tip on hawks and not the right color for law.
    weird grey box: it looks like mind benders generator but silver.
    knife: looks like range vipers knife only silver.
    unidentified rifle; im still looking for this one nothings come close yet. it has a molded silencer on the barrel,a grip for each hand, a very VERY long ammo clip and a hollow frame butt.
    it also has a small scope on top.
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    I'd start here:

    Also, people like me loooooove pics in these threads! Makes it easier and some like the challenge of "I identified it first!"

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    ive actually been searching the site FIGURE BY FIGURE for hours now. so far i think the pistol might be lifelines aside from a darker color it matches all other markers.
    ok according to this link its either lifelines pistol or from accessory pack 5
    or its heavy duty 2003 :p
    the box is an accessory pack remold of mind benders generator
    the rifle and knife arent listed at all so they are probably from the corp or something.
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    lando's not a man he's a power blaster

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