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Thread: FS: Harbert, Canadian, Clipper, PBP. CAS Graded. Open to offers.

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    FS: Harbert, Canadian, Clipper, PBP. CAS Graded. Open to offers.


    I have some foreign figures for sale, CAS Graded and open to offers.

    The prices are in USD and include the shipping anywhere in the world, but please add 4.5% for the Paypal Fees. I'm open to any serious offers.

    1.- Death Squad Commander, Harbert. CAS 75+ (Subgrades C75 B70 F85). PRICE: $2,000.

    2.- Gamorrean Guard, PBP. CAS 80. (Subgrades C80 B80 F85). PRICE: $SOLD.

    3.- Han Solo Bespin, ESB 47 Back (CANADIAN). CAS 80 (Subgrades C80 B75 F85). PRICE: $1,250.

    4.- Power Droid, SW 20 back-D (CANADIAN). CAS 65+ (Subgrades C85 B60 F85). PRICE: $SOLD.

    5.- Luke Skywalker (X Wing Pilot), ROTJ 77 back (CANADIAN). CAS 80+ (Subgrades C80 B85 F85). PRICE: $1,100.

    6.- Ugnaught, ESB 47 Back (CANADIAN). CAS 70+ (Subgrades C70 B70 F85). PRICE: $1,000.

    7.- Logray, ROTJ 65 back (PALITOY with Clipper Mini-Catalog). CAS 60 (Subgrades C85 B50 F85). PRICE: $SOLD

    8.- Anakin, Trilogo, with Clipper Mini Catalog. CAS 80 (Subgrades B75 C80 F85). PRICE: $950.

    If you need aditional pictures or any other info, please send me a PM.

    Open to offers.

    Many thanks!
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    Gamorrean Guard on hold, pending payment.

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    BUMP. Open to offers.

    Gamorrean Guard pending payment.

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    PBP Gamorrean Guard and Palitoy (Clipper) Logray are SOLD.

    To see better pictures I created a link:


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