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Thread: Palitoy Debut Collection

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    Palitoy Debut Collection

    Palitoy Debut Collection, Missing 30 Back Boba Fett used 30 Back LXW as a Placeholder.

    Palitoy 12 Back 85 Grade Set

    Palitoy 20 Back 85 Grade Set

    Palitoy 30 Back Set all 85 Grade Except 80 Grade Bossk

    Palitoy 30 Back Set Mixture of 85 & 80 Grade

    Palitoy 45A Set Mixture of 85, 80 & 75 Grade

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    Beautiful sets. What are/were the hardest ones on each card?
    My feedback
    "They're sh*t." - Phil Tippett on Star Wars Blu-rays

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    Wow! Fantastic set, and so good condition too!
    WTB: Foreign MOCs - Meccano, Harbert, PBP/Poch, Lili Ledy, Glasslite, Top Toys
    My feedback:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lex View Post
    Beautiful sets. What are/were the hardest ones on each card?
    That can depend on what grades you require as some MOC's may be relatively common in 80 grade or below but difficult to find in an 85 grade. For 12 & 20 Backs assuming 85 Grade and excluding variations like VCJ and Large Head Han I would say Ben is the most difficult 12 Back and Power Droid is the most difficult 20 Back. For debut 30 Backs I would say Boba Fett (Which I am currently trying to buy), Debut 41 Backs there is talk that a Dengar exists but I have never seen one, Debut 45A C3PO Removable Limbs. The reason I put Debut before the ESB 30, 41 & 45A MOC's is because the debut figures may not represent the rarest figures against these card types.

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    Now if you don't mind, I need to think about the idea of upping my collecting goals.

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    Thanks for the Positive Feedback.

    I have to say Thank You to Jon Aves, Gary Smith and Nick Dykes in there help in putting the collection together.

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    Well done mate, a truely great collection!!!
    Red 5 standing by!

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    I saw this over on SWFUK but have to comment here because it's an amazing collection of Palitoy debut cards in exceptional condition.

    Will you be going for a 30 back Fett? I expect there will be a lot of competition for the next one of those that comes up :-)
    WTB: Palitoy ROTJ 65 back Stormtrooper

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    I appreciate the feedback on the collection.

    Yes I will be going for a 30 Back Fett as it is the last Debut MOC I Need to complete my Palitoy Logo'd Debut Run (excluding variations). I am actively looking for a 30 Back Fett currenrly but have not found one yet.
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