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Thread: Help me, help you by helping me figure out how display my collection.

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    Help me, help you by helping me figure out how display my collection.

    So, I have a problem that most of you have, how the hell to display my collection. Right now I have two plastic displays with four shelves in each one. It looks ok not great..just ok. There are some darkness issues when it comes to displaying them as well as where does everything ok. I have a bunch of vintage figures that are moc that are hanging on the wall, but I did some remodeling and lost space for a bunch of the newer figures like the Prequel Vintage Figures, Biggs and Slave Leia. I also have a bunch of six inch Disney figures sitting on the floor. The collection has about 100 loose figures from vintage era to Last Jedi. I also have the micro playsets of the first Death Star and Bespin plus a few random Hoth figures. Another problem is the big to huge vehicles which I have listed below:

    At-At, Tie fighter, X-Wing, Falcon, Slave 1, First Order Tie, Poe's X-Wing, Jabba and his throne, POTF Carbonite Chamber. Vintage Dagobah playset, Hoth ice plains playset. Vintage Rancor, Snow Speeder, Tauntantan and Vintage Wampa.

    I thought about using standard bookshelves, but I got a feeling it would like I'm jamming a bunch of figures in together. I would like to keep the playsets separate as I maybe getting the Vintage Death Star soon. So, I am trying to keep the movies separate like A New Hope, Empire and ROTJ, but I am ok combing the prequels and sequels figures together. I saw IKEA had a $60 glass display case, but its $200 to ship out. I am on a bit of a budget, but I am willing to spend some cash on it.

    So, I would like a way to display about 100 figures, 20 Disney Packs, 2 micro playsets with 30 figures, 15 to 17 big to huge items and about 30 MOC figures. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this, please let me know.
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    I have used Stackubes (available at Menards) with acrylic sheets on the front (attached with mirror clips and screen door clips).

    Photos here:

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