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Thread: Loose Figures and Vehicles

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    Loose Figures and Vehicles

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm downsizing my collection a bit and am purging a few items that don't fully fit with my collection anymore. Please keep an eye out for updates as I have other items not ready for sale...yet! Please take a look at the available items and let me know if there's anything you'd like! I accept PayPal gift payments and ship USPS to the continental United States. Buyer pays shipping unless otherwise specified.

    Please keep in mind, I'm absolutely willing to trade for some of the items I'm looking for!

    Figures (click thumbnails to see larger versions)

    6" Black Series Deathtrooper & Krennic ($10 ea or trade)

    Imperial Speeder Bike Pilot ($4)

    Lot of beater POTF2/EP1 figures. Make me an offer. Willing to trade them a single figure on the want list

    Kir Kanos & Carnor Jax Comic Pack (Semi-Transparent visor variant) ($30 or trade)

    GI JOE Firefly Figure. Missing handgun & MP5, but has extra accessories. Backpack contents complete, vest and goggles are removable ($12)

    Vehicles (click thumbnails to see larger versions)

    Clone Wars Ryloth AT-RT ($20 each, 2 total)

    Disney Starspeeder 1000 ($50 SHIPPED IF YOU BUY IT BEFORE 9/19!!)
    Ship is complete but has a few minor wear issues. Some stickers on the inside curl a bit but can be put back into place. All electronics are working great.

    Stands. Grey and Brown Star Wars Clone Wars stands are gone. ($5 for all)

    GI JOE Killer Whale Incomplete (want it for a custom)
    TVC or Black Series Deathtroopers (multiples desired)
    Rogue One Bodhi Rook
    Rogue One Lieutenant Sefla
    Rogue One Admiral Raddus
    Solo TIE Pilot
    Force Link Wampa
    TVC Rebel Troops (RFT & Endor Commandos, incomplete is fine)
    Jes Gistang Stormtroopers
    Clone Wars Flame Trooper (Weapon Only)
    Hoth Tactical Screen
    Cool Guns (Rebel Trooper Rifles, Folding Stock E-11's, RT-97C [drum mag machine gun without stock], etc)
    K-mart Scanning Crew crates (with the lid)
    TLC AT-AT Driver
    Most Astromech droids
    POTF2 Ishi Tib

    Thanks for looking!!
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    For some reason, the thumbnails in the above post won't link into larger versions, so here you go!

    Starspeeder 1000

    Red 2 X-Wing (note lack of S-Foils Lever)

    Red 5 X-Wing
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    I am interested in the Red 2 X-wing if it is still available.

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    Bump, added a few items!
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    Sent you a PM regarding a couple of items. Please email me back as requested in the PM. Thank you kindly!
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    Bump, added some new stuff, as well as some more trading options!
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    Went dark for a while, let me know if anything strikes your interest!
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    Bump, some items sold. Clearing out some stuff for Labor Day, let me know if you want anything and I'll cut a deal!
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    Bump, special deal if you buy the speeder before 9/19! $50 shipped!

    Trying to make some room
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