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Thread: The Mandalorian Show - 6" TBS figures

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    The Mandalorian Show - 6" TBS figures

    Early anyways but Spoilers maybe present

    It's very early days but 2019 will see the new Mandalorian TV show air on Disney's streaming service and so far we've seen a couple glimpses at a couple of characters - The Mandalorian and lately IG-88 with more to come.

    Are these characters something you'd buy in the 6" line?

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    Any mando in full armor, removable helmet and a lot of "goodies" , is welcome to my collection.....3.75" or 6"
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    Got excited that there might have been a reveal or leak, darn.

    Even if the show sucks somehow I'll still buy the Mando figure, looks amazing and I'd love a photo real Pascal hesd under that helmet. This show has me excited.

    Gonna be interesting to see how this show is handled toywise. Will it have a priority like the films? Or just get released like Rebels stuff, mostly after it's over or ending.

    Hopefully we get at least a strong wave. The market will be narrower for this show, it's only going to be in the streaming service which limits audience. Hopefully we get some figures... It's the first show like this, just honestly new territory.

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    This show will be like Star Trek: Discovery for me: a potentially interesting show, but appearing on a streaming service I don't have and won't get. I might pick up the BDs of the seasons when they come out, and I'll most likely pass on any 6" versions of the characters, like I did with Rebels and The Clone Wars. Episode IX will take up most of my collecting dollars in 2019, I imagine.

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    Yes please Hasbro

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    Ah, Like Garven, I thought there was some leaked images/info For me it will come down to how well potential figures are talked about in this forum.
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    Rumour is Bossk is putting in an appearance also

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    Depends very much on how good the TV show turns out to be.

    Personally, I have zero interest in collecting anything from something I consider poor entertainment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RegJr View Post
    a potentially interesting show, but appearing on a streaming service I don't have and won't get.
    Yeah, this pretty much seals the deal for me - I will never see this show, unless they issue it on blu ray eventually or something.

    I'd definitely be down for some figures though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TK_171 View Post

    Yes please Hasbro

    I agree reed this guy looks bad $$$.

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