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Thread: Thrawn: Treason by Timoth Zahn

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    $16 is a great price of this book as well; that's still over a $10 discount from the retail/list price. I remember back in the day when I was buying more HC's (when actual brick & mortar bookstores were still around to a great extent), I would be happy when getting a discount of $2-$3 - LOL. That being said, HC's are a lot more expensive now, too.

    In general, I rarely buy (or even read) books these days. I'm making an exception for these Thrawn books by Zahn because I thought the HTTE trilogy from the early '90's was amazing; and, I feel Zahn really "gets" the SW characters - probably just as much (if not more) than any other SW EU novelist out there. And, when it comes to SW books, I like getting them in HC vs. the PB's. HC's feature better paper, and are more durable re: the binding when it comes to multiple readings. Conversely, PB's are cheaper & more disposable.
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