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Thread: Thrawn: Treason by Timoth Zahn

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    This will make for a nice Birthday present.
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    My copy arrived this morning. Good cover.

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    Mine just arrived from Amazon. I'm looking forward to finding a few free hours to start digging into it.

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    I'm through chapter 9 and so far this is infinitely better than Alliances.

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    Finished this tonight. A fitting ending to the trilogy and seemed to take the worthwhile parts of the weaker book, Alliances, and use them effectively.

    Hopefully TROS does the same for TLJ.

    Anyway definitely an enjoyable read. I really hope we get some more Thrawn is some of the new media.

    Without spoilers Treason makes it clear that his story is not over despite how Rebels ended

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    Even though I have the other two previous new Thrawn books in paperback,i guess I wouldnt mind paying 20 bucks or whatever for the hardcover for Thrawn Treason when I go to Barnes and Noble next week in August when Im going out of town for some shopping thats long overdue.

    That and the Star Wars prequel novel Master and Apprentice and Shadow Games and whatever else I can find

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    Just finished it. It was a good read - certainly better than Alliances. Loved the last couple of chapters. They were pretty cinematic and I just imagined a big orchester playing tchaikowsky, while the Star Destroyers went toe-to-toe.
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    On Amazon currently for $12.99.

    Snagged it, but kinda surprised that it's so cheap for a new release hardcover.

    I looked back at the other two books when I got those.
    First book was $18 and Alliances was $20.
    Is this not selling well? That's a quick dip for only being out 8 days as of July 31.

    Feel better about getting it now since I felt Alliances was lacking a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyNoodleBoy View Post
    On Amazon currently for $12.99.
    Thanks - I just ordered Thrawn:Treason for this amazing price. This is a huge discount for a brand new HC - incredible. I got the first Thrawn used (for a decent price) at Half Priced Books, and the second from Amazon for a good price. However, $13 for this is possibly the best price I've seen for a new SW HC.

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    I pre-ordered it for $15.99 the day before it was released (Amazon)

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