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Thread: Custom 3 3/4 scale Tantive IV

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    Custom 3 3/4 scale Tantive IV

    As many of you reading this thread may have thought to yourselves "I wonder what a hasbro style blockade runner would look like?" I've taken the liberty of going on that journey - build a 3 3/4 scale blockade runner. I knew hasbro would NEVER produce what I had in mind for what I'd want in a Blockade Runner, so I decided to build it. Simple.
    (Not really )

    This project was started a month ago, mapping out the ship, and working out how I was going to do this was a big part of the battle over the last four weeks. I poured over various interpretations of deck plans - some of which contradict other plans to the point of downright confusion. So I took elements from all of those sources and distilled what I believe are the best features of the Tantive IV into one unified floorplan that makes sense as a toy. So this blockade runner is two obvious things A) not to scale by a long shot. My blockade runner will be over 10 feet, while a scale "replica" complete with two dozen cabins, 6 hygiene areas, a chapel, two mess halls, massive storage spaces including all of the known movie-areas, all fitting in a ship that would be 15 to 17 feet in length. And B, due to the lack of screen time of this ship, MANY of the off screen areas that I would like to add are purely logical speculation, imagination and interpretation - keep these things in mind.

    Working off an illustrated plan made things so much better, I'm 100% certain that I'd never accomplish what I have so far, without it. Was a big learning experience - always plan ahead of what you want to do!

    I'm giving myself a full year to make this right, so please join me as this dream becomes a reality! Thanks for reading, critique, comments and suggestions are always welcome!

    Photos will be apart of the updates, I just need to create a photobucket for my Tantive IV build and we're off to the races. I will leave you with some spec details that will be incorporated into the build:

    10.4 feet long from bridge to engine thrusters. Four decks - including areas such as bridge, med bay/bacta rehab, conference forum, dining mess, senator suite, captain and officer cabins, computer room, 8 escape pods with access tunnels, 4 armored turret pods with access points, a sensor array dish and control room, main L hallway and airlock (hallway runs the length of rhe ship to the bridge), 3 working elevators, small hanger and airspeeder, engineering, a boarding module in the belly and 5 robust landing gear that retract into the armored hual.

    Ship will be fully lit externally and internally with LEDs, soundboard with movie lines and sounds, loads of hand sculpted terminals, chairs, and other equipment and fixtures, weapons lockers, hidden panels and storage spaces, and even customized key figures will be added. All to be rounded out by a realistic and authentic looking paint job!
    See you soon!
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    Oh almost forgot - Merry Christmas to all at Rebelscum!

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    Wow, that's a big one! But will be very interesting to follow your progress

    Photobucket? Didn't that place "die"? I moved away from them and I know a lot of other people did. Imgur is what I am using, but there are other alternatives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kk1 View Post
    Good luck.
    Thanks, I'm gonna need it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oofa View Post
    Wow, that's a big one! But will be very interesting to follow your progress

    Photobucket? Didn't that place "die"? I moved away from them and I know a lot of other people did. Imgur is what I am using, but there are other alternatives.
    Yes, it wil be enormous! But my first few deck maps were simply too small and crammed to make it look good. So bigger is certainly better in this case.

    I'm not to up to date with the latest photo uploaders but the bucket was the first thing I thought of. As long as I can host a good navigatable album, I'm fine with them. Thanks for your interest in the project - hope to get your feedback and oppinions as the build progresses!

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    Thanks for checking out my project plan everyone. Now that the holidays are finished and we enter into a new year - i can frequently update you folks on this truly much anticipated dream project of mine, and hopefully yours! Photos and illustrated plans coming soon, hold tight.

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    Here is the first update. The first pic is put up for a chuckle! But I needed to work out scaling for the build and wanted to see what it would look like length-wise and what kind of space I could work with.

    Then I realized I needed to go bigger. The hammerhead (orange one) was too small and seemed rather crammed considering the desired functionality I wanted to implement. The next photos show a longer neck and larger hammerhead, using larger buckets for the base of the shapes. Buckets were also used for the cylinders which will eventually house the mounted twin cannons. And then eventually everything was tightened together using nuts/bolts and gorilla glue along the seems to hold things in place. I even cut the viewport for the bridge which shows a sense of size internally for all sorts of space to work with . Hope you enjoy!

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    Sorry, here are the pics uploaded again, they can't be opened when uploaded as a group for whatever reason

    Figured it out, needed to link to original pic. See you at the next update!
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    After Easter you need to buy a lot of giant Kinder Eggs for the capsules. You will need them!

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