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Thread: [MOC] Imperial DS-1 Orbital Battle Station

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    [MOC] Imperial DS-1 Orbital Battle Station

    Deep from inside the Maw comes the Empires latest design a planet killer, called the Death Star 1 (DS-1), which is an Orbital Battle Station. It was designed by Raith Sienar, Bevel Lemelisk, and Galen Erso. It was designed and built to strike fear into the enemies of the Empire and to bring a swift end to the Rebellion. The top secret project was overseen by the Emperors most trusted leaders, Lord Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Director Krennic.

    Project took over three years to complete as construction was done when time was available. The Emperor was not pleased to say the least. Tried to create most of the major scenes from the movie. (Note this is the first Death Star, so no Emperor Throne room.) Used the movie and the Death Star Haynes Owner's Technical Manual to assist during the build. The Haynes Manual was a major help. AFOLS that get a honorable mention for inspiration are AC-Pin, Raskolnikov (TIE Interceptor is his design), and Brickplumber. Thanks guys! The majority of the build was complete at the two year mark, but I did not like how the it did not represent a "round" shape. After taking a year sabbatical I came back to it and came up with a solution in the form of slope and inverted slope pieces to fill in the void and create a more "rounder" shape. I also had to go back in and rework the lighting as well. Lighting was done by Brickstuff, and much thanks to the owner Rob Klingberg for his help. Custom Stickers were designed by OK BrickWorks, who did an awesome job! Show circuit, hopefully BF AL, BF VA, and Brickworld Chicago. Was banking on Star Wars Celebration, but failed to make the Fan Display cut.

    Consists of 12 levels, all accessible by turbo lifts. All hallways are accessible and interconnecting, no dead ends. All doors are functional and open. No metal supports. Each level is modular for transport. If you notice, the garbage chute is under the Prison Bay. You can see Chewie diving into the chute from the Prison Corridor.

    DS-1 data is as follows:
    Craft:Mk. 1 Deep-space Mobile Battle Station
    Manufacturer:Imperial Department of Military Research/ Sienar Fleet Systems
    Diameter:Over 40 Inches
    Hyperdrive:Class 4
    Navigation System:Navicomputer
    Armament:1 Superlaser, 7 Taim and Bak D6 Turbolaster Batteries, and 2 SB 920 Laser Cannons
    Crew:39 Officers, 26 Death Star Crewmembers; 25 Death Star Gunners; 105 Stormtroopers; 18 Scout Troopers; Techs: 3 Maintenance, 2 Medical, 2 Entertainment, and 5 Food Service; 4 Deathtroopers; 2 Royal Guards; Droids: 3 Protocol, 11 Astromech, 1 KX, 3 Medical, and 4 Mouse. 192 Crewmembers and 22 Droids
    Prisoners: 3
    Rebels:No one is supposed to know, but 13
    Cost:5 figures

    This MOC is too big to post all the pictures, so I only posted some. The rest you can view on my Flickr account. As always any and all feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. Additionally feel free to save and cross post any pictures you want, just please give me credit for the design.

    Exterior Flickr Album:

    Interior Flickr Album:

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    Holy, holy, holy heck!

    That's no LEGO set, that's a...I can't comprehend this build.

    Congrats and well done. REALLY well done!
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    I saw this yesterday at another site and was floored. I may be taking 'sections' out to copy smaller builds for myself. Knowing what is involved with builds like this it's just stunning!

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    This is insane. Excellent work, and thanks for sharing pictures of it!

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    Congratulations. Amazing work.

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    Thanks for sharing it in the RS forums. Promoting more MOCs is a direction I want to encourage to help promote the community.

    Close-up pics I want to see are:

    thermal exhaust port
    canteen with obligatory wet tray
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    Absolutely fantastic work!

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