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Thread: Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedisquared View Post
    Teaser trailer up on YouTube.
    Do you have a link? I'm not seeing it..

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    No link...put in Dark Crystal Age of Resistance. It’s the one with the Netflix logo...doesn’t show much.

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    Ah, ok cool. That one's been up for about a year, I wasn't sure if there was another one yet or not.

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    Sorry, didn’t know if you had already seen it.

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    That teaser wasn’t even necessary. I hope they don’t reveal anything until moments leading up to the series’ premiere. The Dark Crystal has always been this understated darkhorse that’s been absolutely about pure creativity and passion— which is all but gone in this age of corporate, manufactured, trendy, hollow hype. Keeping it close to their heart(s) is the way to go, and the less that’s revealed, the more intriguing the new offering will be.

    Hoping the series will do its own thing and not follow any of the graphic novels. The Skeksis and the Mystics have always been the foundation of that world since without them, there would be no Dark Crystal, no conflict/urgency/resistance, so their inclusion is understandable to the importance of the new story (and I’d love to see a time when there were more of them— along with their earlier designs of them in their more benevolent stage). Aughra worked for me in the original story because she was more along the lines of the accidental tourist that became caught in this great conflict/battle by chance, but more or less remained neutral due to her self-preservational nature: She was the everyperson. To elevate her to some demigod (apparently she taught the Gelfling race everything they knew… WTF...) is just shrinking that world rather than expanding it. And the world of The Dark Crystal— as was shown in the original story, already felt rather compact and small already; which is understandable given the restraints of technology and likely tight budget. With CGI nowadays— along with a 10-episode timeframe, that world could open up to such immeasurable potential. And that includes all-new characters, new locations, new races, creatures etc.

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    Debut on Netflix is Aug. 30. Trailer up on YouTube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedisquared View Post
    Debut on Netflix is Aug. 30. Trailer up on YouTube.
    OMG - that looks phenomenal!!!
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    It does truly look incredible. I think they did Jim Henson proud.

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    Dark Crystal and Willow finally being recognized for the viable franchises they could have been back in the day. Now someone please do a Krull sequel.....

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    Yeah, great looking teaser! Though I'm not sure if I'm totally sold on the CGI look for the characters. I'm sure it will grow on me, but it's very different from the Dark Crystal I'm used to.
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