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Thread: Assault Tank Commander - VC148

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    Well I'll need at least 1 of these guys. Maybe more depending on how many tanks I end up

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    i was in the same boat, but found the 4 pack from R1 that has a tank pilot, I need to pick it up tomorrow! this way I can have 2 different for the 29 dollar marvel I scored. I was on the fence about both, but now I have to get the Assault tank Commander too!

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    I'll be getting at least one of these. It's too bad they designed the tank to hold three, but only two are visible.

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    I have one tank and with the prices the way they are here, it'll probabl stay that way. I have one TVC driver and two from the 5 POA pack, so if I only end up with one of these, I'll be ok with that.
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    Haven't seen this excellent ATC figure yet, and I suspect it'll be especially tough to find - given that it's kind of a troop-builder, and those getting the IAH will probably want at least 2 of these guys.

    It would be great to see a "Battle pack" of 3-4 of these guys in one set. However, this is unlikely - especially given that TVC figures are typically only carded.

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    I'll be able to skip this one, having painted my own (from the tank thread):

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    For anyone in the UK/Europe Star Action Figures are now taking pre-orders for this figure:

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