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Thread: Assault Tank Commander - VC148

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    I'll be able to skip this one, having painted my own (from the tank thread):

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    Just got email from that the new p/u date is 8/1. It was supposed to be today after 6 pm(sigh).

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    Yep, same here. I originally ordered from Wally because their eta was 7/1 and Pulse was 8/1. Now Pulse has shipped on or around 7/1 and Wally has pushed back to 8/1. Why am i not surprised by this?
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    I know...I’m certainly not. Just ordered one from Pulse as well.

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    Walmart strikes again. I’m done with them unless it is an exclusive

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    I received the pair I ordered from Hasbro Pulse last Saturday. Which really surprised me, because they are still showing them as preorder on the site. In the slim event I actually get another tank, I've got the crew for it.

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    Received mine from Amazon this morning. Nice to be able to have the full crew in the Tank.

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    Got mine yesterday. Now my Hovertank has a Commander.

    With my other Rogue One troopers. I still need to find some Stormtroopers which may be hard as I live in Canada.

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    I love the army, Nighthawk! You’ve got a good nice number there.
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    Thinking I’m doomed not to get this figure...didn’t order with HasbroPulse when they had them, ordered from Amazon; they shipped & got delayed in transit, then completely lost(were due last Monday). Now on preorder again with HasbroPulse cause I really don’t want to pay 14.99 to 16.99@.

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