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Thread: Anyone offer a 3D printing service of StarWars Replacement Vintage Parts?

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    Anyone offer a 3D printing service of StarWars Replacement Vintage Parts?

    I am looking for replacement R2-D2 droid factory body and 3rd foot part?

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    I understand that Phillip Wise, the site owner of RS, has banned the dealing of reproduction vintage parts. They are copyrighted, after all.

    Not exactly 3dp, but there are some casters on evilbay that do the third leg. The body, sans sticker/destroyed sticker can be picked up for just ~$10-15.

    Best of luck!
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    On a somewhat related note, is anyone aware of custom 3D printed Y-Wing chin guns like those on the 30th anniversary version for sale anywhere? I have 2 Y-Wings, both with just the little nubs, and I'd like to replace them. I don't want the vintage versions,which are not very accurate, either. Looking for these, or something similar:

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    Check out Toy Polloi and RetroBlasting on youtube, they are restoring and reparining old vintage SW toys. There might be some useful videos there.
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