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    Parts ID

    Please could anyone tell me which parts these are for ? I think the stickers are Slave 1 ? Thanks.

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    I love these types of games!

    2) Vintage Star Wars Int-4 nose cannon
    3) Vintage Star Wars ISP-6 wing cannon
    4) Vintage G.I.Joe C.L.A.W. Flashfire bomb (I think - could be worn, but it doesn't look like it has the front bumb on it. Does it have a hole on the body?)
    7) Vintage Star Wars Y-Wing top gun and mount
    8) Vintage Star Wars Diecast Y-Wing Engine (ship's left)
    9) Vintage Star Wars Vehicle Maintenance Energizer tool (1 of 8)
    10) Vintage Transformers Wheeljack missile
    11)-14) I can't see anything, so I'm guessing 'The Force'...
    Stickers: Vintage Star Wars Slave 1
    A) Coleco Starcom Shadow Parasite
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    Number 6 is one of a pair of weapons from a MASK adventure pack called Venom's Revenge.

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    D is an UK released Palitoy Action Force Naval Assault figure.
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    To me, 4 looks like a bomb from a WW2 era airplane model. You can even see some of the paint or glue residue on it.
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