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Thread: Looking for McQuarrie mini-busts (UK based preferred)...

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    Looking for McQuarrie mini-busts (UK based preferred)...

    I’ve been thinking about displaying each version of the Ralph McQuarrie concept mini-busts that have alternative heads/helmets so I’m looking for 2 Darth Vader’s, 1 Stormtrooper, 1 Snowtrooper & 1 Boba Fett..., & I think C3PO came with another head too? Boxes are in the attic so can’t check to easily, it’ll be a hunt. lol

    Anyway, let me know prices shipped to Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK.


    NOTE: Just saying prefer UK based because of shipping & import fees, seems to be getting far worse recently which is a shame but obviously a nasty bump up in price when thinking about purchases.
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