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    My Collection

    20+ years in the making. I finally got around to taking them out of bins and setting them up. I wish I had more space to display all my vehicles, expanded universe, clone wars and rebels. Generally, I don't try to go out and pick up every single figure, just one of each character in a unique outfit. I still need to set up Solo and Last Jedi.

    The Collection (in order of appearance):

    The Phantom Menace:

    Attack of the Clones:

    Revenge of the Sith:

    Rogue One:

    A New Hope:

    The Empire Strikes Back:

    Return of the Jedi:

    The Force Awakens:

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    I love this... looks great. This is something I'm hoping to do and build up between Winter of 2019 and Spring of 2019. I'm tired of all my figures being in boxes. I want a nice display that captures the beauty and feel of each movie.
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    Great collection! Thank's for taking so many pictures to go through.

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    AWESOME display! This is how figures should be displayed, in scenes interacting with each other.
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    Your display is so cool! I love how it follows the movies in order and kind of tells the story. I love it,great job!

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