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Thread: "Val - Mimban Imperial Disguise" created by Darth Daddy

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    "Val - Mimban Imperial Disguise" created by Darth Daddy

    Thanks! I've been really pushing myself to make more customs lately. My latest is Val from her appearance on Mimban.

    To make this version of Val, we used the Force Link 2.0 Val head, boots, and back skirt, the lower arms, legs and feet of a Black Series Jyn Erso action figure, the chest of a Black Series Snowtrooper Commander, and the upper arms of a Clone Wars Phase 2 Clone Trooper. The soft goods hooded cape was from a Major Panno action figure that was dyed and modified. Some of the details like the scarf, lower arms, and weaponry attached to her belt were sculpted with ProCreate.

    We really felt Val was such a cool character that she deserved more than just one action figure representing her.

    "Val - Imperial Disguise"
    created by Darth Daddy

    More information available in our blog post:

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    You guys are amazing. The work you do. The creativity. Wow. It so fun to see what you do for the joy of the art and craftsmanship. Yawl also provide excellent ideas in making our own versions of these timeless Star Wars characters--whether they played a pivotal role or blink we missed you.

    I could see severa verions of Val for expanded universe versions prior to the great train robbery.

    Love Solo and all the characters.
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