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Thread: Star War Han Solo Parka signed by Harrison Ford Columbia Sportswear

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    I offer $6,000.00 and throw in my mother in law as a gift.
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    In reality his asking price is not far off.

    First the item is rare, that alone makes it worth probably $1k as the standard ESB crew jackets were going for $550. Second, it has Harrison Ford's signature which goes for $1500 on an item that isn't a flat (photo). This being signed on a SW item and if it is verified with a COA $4k seems about right due to the rarity of the item, the signer and quality of the auto. Ford usually has an awful auto too, but this one seems nice and it's in gold paint pen. Also, he really doesn't like to sign SW items and as I said earlier, charges a ton for his auto.

    I know people think the price is high, but all things considered I am not sure how off this is. If you want my advice, consign with Goldin Auctions. They are first class and charge a decent commission. I usually get nice returns when I flip my game used sports gear with them and get paid weeks after the auction which is quick. If you want more info feel free to PM me and I can give you my contact over there.
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    Ford did his first signing last month where you could send your own items in.
    Prices started at $875 on a 10x8 up to $1450 on anything oversized/prop sized with a few other options in between. He’s doing another one at the end of this year.
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