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Thread: Celebration 2019 Artists

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    Can anyone do me a favor and pickup Jerry Vandersteltís print of ďThe HopefulĒ at Celebration? Please PM me if you can help. Thanks!

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    I'm getting the Jason Palmer for sure. Still love his Padme from years ago.

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    I’ve pre-ordered the Darth Maul print. I think it looks great.

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    Can anyone help me out and pick-up and ship to me the Malcolm Tween print? Every Celebration I have not been able to attend, I have been very fortunate to have someone on this Forum be nice enough to pick them up for me. I hope my luck hasn't run out, please PM me.
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    Looking for help in acquiring “the hopeful” print from JV. Please PM me if you can help, thank you.

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    Iím still trying to determine if I can attend Celebration. Has anyone ever pre-ordered prints and been unable to pick them up? I donít believe you can get any refunds, so you are just SOL unless you can find someone here to help you out?

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    I am looking for help picking up x2 prints, please PM me if you could help? Thanks in advance!

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    Does anyone know if there'll be an opportunity to have your art portfolio reviewed by Lucasfilm / Topps / Marvel officials on the show floor at any point during Celebration Chicago? I've heard there were opportunities to do this at previous Celebrations.

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