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    FS: Minifig Collections

    Looking to streamline my Lego collection, therefore I'm trying to get rid of some stuff.
    Notes: All figures are used and played with, yet are in excellent condition.
    Some figures will come without weapons, noted when these weapons are included.
    Troopers may have different faces beneath (excludes clones)
    Figures can also be sold via trade (wants list provided at the bottom)

    For Sale:
    4 First Order Stormtroopers ($5 each)
    4 First Order Crewmen ($3 each. Heads vary)
    First Order General (TRU Exclusive. $7)
    4 Resistance Troopers ($15 altogether)
    2 First Order Heavy Stormtroopers ($5 each)
    22 Rebels Stormtroopers ($4 each. Heads may vary)
    Obi wan Kenobi w/Lightsaber (From set 75012. $6)
    First Order Officer (From set 75132. $4)

    Shipping cost is $3.50 flat, for one figure or twenty.

    Trade wants:
    • Clone Troopers (75000, 75007, 75015, 75016, 75206)
    • Clone Trooper officers (AOTC Captain and Commander)
    • Jedi (Worth 2 figures each: Stass Allie, Coleman Trebor, Luminara Unduli (75151), Quinlan Vos (75151).)
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