Thanks for taking up the mantle this year Randy!

Goals for 2018
1. Mint chaykin and mylar advance posters - already have a few leads on these.
2. Test print style C
3. Early bird header (and bin?)
4. Meet more collectors
Achieved 3/4 ... not bad!
1. got them both early in the year from my leads. One from a good friend, the other I found a localish ebay listing and was able to meet the seller in person for hand delivery.
2. I got not one but both versions of the Style C test print
3. I had multiple chances to obtain the early bird header by itself and with a bin and everytime it's been out of my price range...
4. I've certainly taken a larger role in some of the facebook groups , I'm now an admin of the poster group, and I've met so many new collectors both local and from all around the country. I don't think a week goes by when I don't get a random PM from someone asking me a collecting question or a "star wars friend" just wanting to shoot the breeze.

Goals for 2019
1. More test prints. There's one particular very rare test print poster I'm after but wouldn't turn down a few more common ones too. Have to be more selective as I'm running out of room to hang them all.
2. early bird header - 5th times the charm right ?
3. fund my new purchases by selling. I've slowly started to sell things in my collection that don't fit my focus or don't excite me anymore. Let's keep that going I hope even the large purchases above are paid for entirely by sales of other stuff.