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Thread: Toys 'R Us Millennium Falcon store display (1997)

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    Toys 'R Us Millennium Falcon store display (1997)

    I won one of these in the original 1997 drawing. There were only about 700 produced for display and they hung from ceilings of Toys 'R Us stores around the U.S. I heard there were engraved, brass plaques with production numbers bolted underneath the laser canons, but I've never opened the box. It's been sitting in my garage for over 20 years. Any ideas how I should sell this piece since it's about 6 feet long and very bulky? Seems too expensive to ship across the country. (The pic included is not mine, but found on the internet to represent what I'm talking about.)

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    Standard approach for selling anything these days is to go to Facebook groups first/ here on the forums, then eBay if you don't find the buyer you're looking for. Simply state that buyer must pick up, and probably own a pick-up in order to get it home

    If you go to ebay list it with Make an Offer so you get a chance to negotiate. I have no idea what one of these would sell for. They're damn cool, quite rare, but also damn difficult to display which puts a lot of collectors off. Good luck!
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    Excellent advice. Thanks, Dax!
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    Something of a grail item for me, but living in the U.K. shipping would be prohibitive.

    Good luck with with the sale.

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    Wow. I've never seen one at floor level. That's huge!
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    and is it not a pity to sell such a treasure?)

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    Where do you live ? And what are you asking for it ?

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