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Thread: Floating Landspeeder

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    Floating Landspeeder

    I made a black series speeder float.
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    That's great!
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    Awesome what kind of magnets did you use & can it still hold the figures while floating?
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    I dismantled a woodlev magnetic levitation platform and put the guts inside of the base. It was a real pain to get the magnets in the right spot so that the speeder would sit level and not spin. That being said, it would be tricky with figures because it would become unbalanced and add weight. I was originally going to put the magnet inside the speeder but the weight would cause it to just sit a few mm off of the base.

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    Very cool idea and excellently put into effect! And the base itself looks really sweet as well.

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    Good job!Keep up the good work!

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    Are you kidding me? That is so awesome science is cool
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    That is very cool. I was just thinking about trying it when I found your video. I'm curious - do you think this unit would work?

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