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Thread: Custom Hera Syndula A-wing (de-nerfed)

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    Custom Hera Syndula A-wing (de-nerfed)

    Anybody else hate the year that hasbro decided it was a good idea to add nerf blasters to everything?
    yea me too .
    I decided to remove the nerf blaster and had to do a minor repaint and weathering to finish it off.
    If you want to see more in depth on the mod , consider checking out my video about it.

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    That looks pretty amazing. I like how you hung them all as well.

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    Great display idea! They array so nicely. Inspiring!
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    That right there is proof that a turd CAN be polished! Looking good.
    May you live in interesting times.

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    The addition of nerf was the death of major vehicle purchases for me as well, the vintage collection afterwards were pretty good (don't get me started on the Sail Barge!). The way you weathered it is top notch - if they did it right the first time like you did, I would have bought a half dozen of those! Great job!

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