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Thread: I'm new here, will you show me around?

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    I'm new here, will you show me around?

    Hello Fellow Scum!

    I'm new here and thought i'd give you a quick presentation.

    Born in 76, my first SW toys were the Millenium Falcon and the Snowspeeder, followed by quite a lot of others such as the Y-Wing, the Speeder Bike and the Ewok village to name a few. Around the mid-ninties, I decided to raise some funds by doing a car boot sale and sold most of my stuff off including 30/40 figures. Goes to say that I regret doing that but the teenager that I was became interested in other things (wink wink)
    However, a few months back I was looking in my Mum's attic and came across the Millenium Falcon, The Snowspeeder and the Y-Wing aswell as a Stormtrooper, a Biker Scout and Boba Fett. Turns out I had kept the things that meant the most to me.

    I then decided to clean them up and get them working again and bar a few parts (that I managed to pick up on Ebay in the UK) they all function really well. I can't remember thinking at the time that the Falcon's noise was that crap though:-)
    Little by little, I managed to pick up a few figures on various sites and before I knew it, I was on some kind of mission to buy back everything I'd sold. With a little patience and a little pocket money, I picked up quite a few figures in good condition and they even came with the guns/blasters!..but this where it all got a bit sticky and I found out about the repros...but it was too late. I'd been infected.
    I've kind of managed to sort the fakes from the real ones. I'd kept a few originals and by comparing them it was clear what was what. I also float tested them and went over the detail gun by gun. However, I still have doubts about these guys. They all float but I can't really tell, especially the blue blaster. My gut feeling is that it's a fake.

    I'd appreciate your opinions on this as I'm really enthousiastic about getting my collection going again and sharing it with my kids but i don't want any repros in there. Call me snobby but that's just the way I like it.

    Hera are a few photos. (Sorry about the quality)..

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    welcome! theres a lot of knowlegable people here tha tcan help you figure out the repro situation. those things are a pain because they are so hard to determine if they are real or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TK423 View Post
    Looks real. Might even have a bit of translucence and some green tinge. Place it on the lense of a flashlight and see if there's a non-black/non-grey halo around it (to detect for color difference, not necessarily prove authenticity).

    Though the halo, or lack of halo, doesn't spell reproduction, most of the repros do not have them as the cast is solid resin.

    Quote Originally Posted by TK423 View Post
    Very likely authentic, based on the nipple on the scope. Check the other side for a hole near the barrel.

    Quote Originally Posted by TK423 View Post
    Very likely authentic. It is such a common gun that aside from the first reproductions, I don't know that any home-casters are bothering. The first reproductions float around quite a bit and are hard, white plastic painted over with a pretty obvious blue paint. The are also extremely shiny.

    Quote Originally Posted by TK423 View Post
    Also very likely authentic for much of the same justification. There are variants of the authentic gun in very soft and reasonalby brittle plastic.

    And to close..."...teach a man to fish..." TIG has some awesome references that get updated regularly.

    Welcome and good luck!
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    Welcome. 1, 2, 4 & 5 look good to my eye. Photo #3 is just an odd photo with the blinding contrast, so that I can't tell.

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    Thanks everyone. That's a great help.
    i have a few more here including a two lightsabers that look too good to be true.

    This rifle is very thin and quite flimsy..but it floats

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    Yoda's cane. It sinks.

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    These two float. Sorry about the picture quality but it's the best I can do with an iphone.

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    These two are highly suspect and they sink.

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    And this guy floats too.

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    And a better picture of the blue blaster

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