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Thread: RIP Gloria Katz

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    RIP Gloria Katz

    Sad news. I remember reading in George Lucas' biography Skywalking: The Life & Films of George Lucas (Dale Pollack, 1983) that both Gloria Katz & Willard Huyck (Katz's husband) contributed to ANH's dialogue/script, but that it was uncredited. I'm sure they added a lot to the film, and the Leia/Han dialogue wouldn't have been nearly as memorable otherwise.

    They also worked on Howard the Duck (Huyck directed this), Radioland Murders, American Graffiti, and TOD.

    I enjoyed Howard the Duck & Radioland Murders - both extremely underrated films that have either been unfairly maligned (Howard the Duck) or forgotten (Radioland Murders) over the years.

    And, of course, American Graffiti & TOD are both classics.

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    this bit is interesting

    Katz noted she and Huyck tried to add as much humor as possible and wrote about 30 percent of the film's dialogue. They also shaped Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia to be a woman who "can take command; she doesn’t take any **** … instead of just [being] a beautiful woman that schlepped along to be saved," she said.

    she's the one who added 'comedy' to lighten the film a bit. she's also responsible for Leia's "girl power".

    wow. GL really had no clue. it's no wonder his PT's were... somewhat lacking. (LOL)

    (he stopped surrounding himself with artists, and surrounded himself 'yes men' instead).

    *hats off to Gloria*
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    Well, we do have Fox to blame for some of that. Otherwise he likely wouldn't have become "must be in total control of everything".
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