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Thread: power of the force/ last 17

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    true enough though i think hes a she :p honestly before the jabba the hutt books revealed/retconned it i always thought ev was a he too
    it all makes sense that the least important ones would be more sought after,
    so question time: if you had a damaged r2 with pop up saber could you just transplant his head onto a new body would he still count as
    what he is? or would some part of the collector code forbid this?
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    lando's not a man he's a power blaster

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    ive been wondering about the potf luke stormtrooper blaster. it looks black but is it transparent in light?
    irecently got a imperial blaster that looks black but in light the tip has a couple of points that has a bluish see through tint to it and it floats
    lando's not a man he's a power blaster

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    A true black luke blaster shouldn't have any light at all shine through it. There are some blue/black blasters that are more black than blue, but when you put a light to them they'll shine blue which is like what you are describing. I believe there has been some tri logo stormy lukes that have been verified as having blue/black blasters packaged with them.

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    ok well at least it seems authentic which leads me to my next thread reply...
    lando's not a man he's a power blaster

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