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Thread: lets talk about recent finds

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    yeah its really slowing down now that the last 17 and the high end commons are all thats left.
    snag should be coming today. im not looking forward to hunting down his blue cousin though.
    i was going to order a nice han and someone swiped it before i could buy it. mean while im sick to death of looking for atst driver. espcially when i shouldnt need to. i wish the one i had would turn up (with his blaster)
    rather than have to pay so much for another one.
    i ended up paying more than i wanted for a han solo and way more than i wanted to for the at st driver i just hope i dont have a jedi luke situation where i pay a crap ton for a loose figire with a repro weapon.
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    lando's not a man he's a power blaster

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    ok han solo got here and wtf the guy had it in baggie that smelled like peanut butter. now he has the nickname "peanutbutter han."
    atst driver is very nice perfect paint and tight joints. blasters check out on both.
    lando's not a man he's a power blaster

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