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Thread: Praetorian guard variants - how to compile a set?

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    Praetorian guard variants - how to compile a set?

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to obtain several Praetorian Guard figures (preferably in 3.75" size, but may consider 6" due to the limitation and subpar quality of the few 3.75" options produced).

    I want them to be composed of atleast 1 of each helmet variation (3 styles), and atleast 1 of each weapon variation (6 - sword, whip, polearm-axe, polearm-scythe, twinblade-polearm, & twinblade daggers). So 6 figures total would be sufficient for me.

    All feedback/suggestions/examples welcome.

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    For what its worth, I have seen the Sega set of 3 but doesnt have all the weapons. Ive also seen the ArtFX pair with all the weapons but the poses are very restricted and this is 7" (getting too big) and its super expensive to get 6 of these.

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    IDK about the weapons, but getting the BS series and the Rey 2 pack gets you 2 of the heads and some of the weapons.
    I don't collect Lego, but I think you can get the third head from them but I don't know how it would look in a side by side comparison.

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    I also just discovered the Bandai line. Looks like they have all the weapons + all the helms + are poseable. Just gonna be $$

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