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Thread: FOR SALE: Mini-Busts, Clone Wars Maquettes, and Statues

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    FOR SALE: Mini-Busts, Clone Wars Maquettes, and Statues

    Hi there,

    An unfortunate but necessary downsizing.

    All busts were displayed at one time in a smoke free home. My be a little dusty but otherwise in spectacular condition. All include their original boxes, also in good shape, and COAs.

    I have a group pic (because I am lazy). Happy to provide more pics. (Please note that the Barriss & Luminara Maquette has already been sold.)

    They are great pieces, I have just run out of room!

    Will work with you to figure exact shipping.

    Paypal via Friends & Family or with fees.

    I did some trades here ages ago, no issues, and am now just getting back into the swing of GG things.


    Obi Wan Clone Trooper Armor statue - $150

    Jango Fett mini bust (v2) - $60
    Anakin Vader Reveal - $50
    Spirit Yoda - $45

    Animated Blackhole statue - $50

    Spirit Obi Wan - $45 SOLD
    Clone Wars Maquette Anakin - $45 SOLD
    Clone Wars Maquette Mace Windu - $90 SOLD
    Clone Wars Maquette Obi Wan - $80 (box side has come unglued but still holds together with top down) SOLD
    Clone Wars Maquette Yoda - $45 SOLD

    Thanks for looking!
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    Clone Wars Maquettes are gone, but the rest are still available. Thanks!
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    Updated to reflect that Ghosty Obi has sold.

    A few more items left - interested, make me a reasonable offer!
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    Bumping for the New Year. Happy to entertain any reasonable offers on these! Need the scratch and the space!
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